Best Investment Newsletters / Podcasts

I googled “best investment newsletters” the other day and found that most of the articles will recommended some professional websites and call them newsletters. I think I might want to make a list for myself and others who might be interested in such things. I will continue to update this list and add my brief comments. At this moment, I combine both newsletters and podcasts together. In the future, as this list grows, I might separate them into two independent posts.

# 1 New Interest on Substack


I did not know this newsletter before browsing Substack and choosing the category of “finance.” To be honest, I was a bit skeptical of financial newsletters as I read some on Substack before and most of them are lengthy stock analysis. A side note: Lengthy itself is okay, but typically the authors will write it in a choppy way, adding with random figures and memes + emoji; thus, aesthetically it is not a pleasure to read articles that does not present in a precise and clean way.

However, Net Interest is beyond my expectation. Two things are outstanding to me. First, the author limits the usage of figures and no memes/emoji at all. Thus, aesthetically, its article presentation is very clean, which I love. Second, the author is not doing detailed stock analysis, but rather is trying to tell stories of the business, importantly, in an interesting way. The story and business history aspects make it easy for readers to get involved in the thought process of the author.

# 2 A podcast by Patrick O’Shaughnessy


I found this podcast on Spotify randomly. However, so far, it is my most favorite podcast. I am trying to listen every one of them. Typically, I listen them when I am in the gym, running or lifting.

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