Heroku Troubleshooting

Heroku allows users to have a free plan and you can use it to try some hobby App without financial cost. This post is about the problems I have encountered and my soluations. Hopefully, they are helpful for you.

`1.. Everything up-to-date

You might encounter a situation where Heroku Git shows that “Everthing up-to-date” but your App on Heroku is still not updated to be consistent with your local files. The soluation is to work under a new branch, and the following is the soluation code:

git checkout -b new_branch
git add .
git commit -m "Just a test commit to push new branch to heroku"
git push heroku new_branch:master

2. Change App name

Heroku allows you to change App name. However, the problem arises as to your local git Terminal might not be able to recognize such change. It will show the error that there is no such git “https://git.heroku.com/YOUR NEW APP Name.git”. The solution is to update the config file in your local files.

Step 1: Find the folder “.git” in your local files.

Step 2: Find the file “config” and open with Notepad.

Step 3: You can see that a line of “https://git.heroku.com/YOUR OLD APP Name.git” and you can just change it to YOUR NEW APP NAME. That is it, and it proabbly will solve the problem you have.

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